VH Sauces

Approximately 780,000 TOTAL VIEWS on TikTok alone.

Mike was able to collaborate with VH Sauces to showcase the brand's different variety of sauces. With this partnership, both VH Sauces and Mike were hoping to increase awareness of the different flavors and spices VH offers. VH Sauces hopes to do so by utilizing Mike's platform's credibility to benefit their audience.



TIKTOK:: 1 post total. Over 780,000 views. Over 5,000 likes.

@michael.rizzi #ad Skip the takeout. Date night has been elevated with VH Sauces! More tips and recipes at readyseteat.ca #VHSaucesCanada #GrillingWtihVH ♬ HOT & SPICY SALSA – Jaycee Mante

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With high views and impressions, Mike was able to captivate his audience by enhancing VH Sauces' many flavors into a creative and realistic sponsored post.