Mike and Chris’ Trip To The United Kingdom

Approximately 741,000 TOTAL VIEWS AND IMPRESSIONS on TikTok, Pinterest and Instagram

Visit Britain reached out to Mike and Chris to take part in their LGBTQ+ content creator trip. They traveled to three different cities (Bristol, Bath, and London) with the goal to emphasize Britain's inclusive environment to their strong following of LGBTQ+ members and supporters.



STORIES: : Over 328,000 impressions

POSTS: : Over 46,000 interactions

REELS: : Over 205,000 views


POSTS: : Over 154,000 views


IDEA PIN: : Over 5,300 impressions

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Visit Britain was delighted to work with Mike and Chris, showcasing the warm welcome and diversity to be experienced in Britain for LGBTQ+ travellers. They delivered engaging content that demonstrated another side of Britain with terrific results.
Cathy Stapells, Senior Marketing & Communications Manager


These results prove that Mike and Chris were able to successfully increase awareness of Britain's LGBTQ+-friendly sites and stops.