Mike and Chris’ Trip to Cornwall

Approximately 772,400 TOTAL VIEWS AND IMPRESSIONS on TikTok, Pinterest and Instagram

This was Mike and Chris' first trip since the pandemic took over in March 2020. With the following travel boards looking to expand their tourism market once again, Mike and Chris were more than willing to create suitable content for the city of Cornwall.



STORIES: : Over 175, 000 views

POSTS: : Over 3300 interactions

REELS: : Over 96,000 views


POSTS: : Over 105,000 views


IDEA PIN:: Over 343,000 views

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Dealing with Mike was an absolute pleasure. His content was fun, original and engaging and it helped showcase our destination to a new audience in a different way – which is exactly what we were hoping for. It was a great collaboration that we are still enjoying benefits from long after his visit ended.
Kevin Lajoie, Tourism Officer, City of Cornwall


Viewers were ecstatic to see the content that Mike and Chris were able to put out for the city of Cornwall.